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We have a passion for providing our customers with fresh and high-quality farm products. Our farms and ranches are strategically located in areas with fertile soil and ideal climatic conditions for agriculture.

We specialize in producing top-quality dairy, flour, and sunflower oil products that meet the industry’s highest standards, ensuring that our customers enjoy the very best.

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Selling Products

We produce and sell top-quality products including, maize flour, sunflower oil and milk products using our own farms and trusted suppliers.


Farming and Ranching

We operate several farms and ranches in Tanzania's Karagwe district, where they specialize in raising livestock and utilizing sustainable farming practices.


Animal Feeds

We specialize in producing high-quality animal feeds for livestock such as cows and goats. We use only the best ingredients and employ strict quality control measures to ensure that our animal feeds meet the highest industry standards.


Community Involvement

We're committed to being involved in the local community, supporting local farmers, and preserving the environment through responsible farming practices.


About Us

Kahama Fresh Company LTD, registered in 2015, is quickly becoming one of the largest agribusiness ventures in the Lake zone region of the Karagwe district. Our company not only focuses on livestock ranching, but we also operate Kahama Fresh Dairy Processing Plant located at Kikulura Ranch Rugera and Kihanga in Karagwe District.

Our focus is on creating value through the production of agricultural crops such as maize and sunflower oil, as well as animal feeds. Join us on this journey of producing quality products and improving lives.

To become the leading and trusted agricultural healthy food producers, processors, and suppliers of high quality products in East Africa and beyond.

To encourage healthy communities by producing the best natural and quality food products, while promoting small farmers by giving them an opportunity to sell their products to us.

We offer a distinctive service to our customers

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If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. Our phone lines are open during business hours, and we are also available via email, postal mail, and our website contact form. We value your input and look forward to hearing from you.

The Art of Livestock Ranching

Our Ranches and Farms maintain 3,900 livestock across several ranches, including 700 dairy cows.


We Provide The Best-Selling Products

Jo Fresh Milk

Deliciously fresh and flavoured milk.

Sunflower Oil

Cook to perfection with our premium oil.

Jo Fresh Meals

Quality maize flour for your baking needs.

Sunflower Seeds

Premium quality seeds for all your needs.

Eng. Jossam Ntangeki

CEO, Kahama Fresh Company

I am excited to announce that we are expanding our dairy business with a new factory that will have the capacity to process 10,000 litres per day. This expansion will not only create approximately 400 jobs but will also create opportunities in the dairy industry value chain. We look forward to serving our clients and partnering with companies in these new ventures.